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Swing Dancing in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and all around Southern California!! Join us for lessons, dances, workshops, and more!

Welcome to One2Swing.com. We teach group dance lessons weekly, private dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, and more. We also love working special events as well. PLUS we just like to go out swing dancing! Browse around, look around, and contact us if you have any questions!!

O ngoing Swing Dance Classes:


Learn to Dance - Weekly classes!

Our weekly classes are now every Thursday night at LindyGroove as part of the Lindy Academy! A new series starts each first Thursday of the month! All Details below:

Click Here For Lindy Academy Website

O ngoing Swing Dances:


* Free door prizes
* Plenty of parking
* $8 general admission, $3 after 11:00pm
* Special Engagements Twice A Year ($15 admission, $7 after 11:00pm)
* Lots of great dancing and music!
* Hosted at FRED ASTAIRE DANCE STUDIO: 1368 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA

Click Here For Third Saturday Swing Website

W hat's Coming:

FRANKIE 100!!!

The event of the century!

Come celebrate the man who shaped us all!

Only -883 days until Frankie 100!

Click to go to the Frankie 100 website!

Spice up your life!!

A new project I am involved in ...

A consortium of folks I have met online and I have started a new project! I confess my reach includes the technical aspects, as well as the name! (Yay!)

Health and Fitness News @ Shim Sham Fit
Kitchen News And Reviews @ Shim Sham Kitchen
Live Life. Love Life @ Shim Sham Life

O ne2Swing Daily: Recommended Reading

Dance: The Unspoken Conversation" (July 8, 2012)

A discussion between another dancer and I spurn my blogging of what qualities should be found in the best social dancer..starting with the building block analogy of dance as a language. Enjoy!.

"The Best Social Dancer In The World" (July 16, 2012)

Continuing from last week's "Dance as a conversation" topic, this blog post: Jack and Jill competitions and..the best social dancer in the world. Enjoy!

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